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How many videographers would film my wedding?
We always use a minimum of two videographers at all weddings, three in some packages.
It is important to capture various angles, especially during the ceremony and dancing. Two videographers ensure we capture everything with no-one walking in front of cameras..during the photo's one camera stays with you and one films your guests.

Are you full-time or part-time?
We are full-time working from commercial premises, we have full-time staff..HMRC registered,
fully insured and licenced. We belive that your wedding derserves our full commitment, not doing it on the side as extra cash (illegally) in most cases... 
We have contingency plans.. back-up equipment, additional staff infact everything you would expect from professionals that you trust to film your special day.

Are you insured, can I see your insurance?
We are fully insured for:
Employers Liability - Health & Safety at Work - Premises Contents - Equipment Cover
Computer Breakdown - Business Interuption
 Professional Indemnity Insurance- Public and Products Liability £5 Million
(The later two are the most important for weddings)
Our Brokers are Morgan Richardson Policy No. AI19004222
We are happy to give any wedding booking or venue a copy of our insurances.

When Can I Expect To Receive My Film?
From the date of the wedding or from when we receive your selection of music (whichever is latest) we aim to have your film fully edited within 16 weeks, however this may vary upon workload and may be longer during the main wedding season.
Within 9 days of your wedding a "Just Married" clip will go on our site, you will then have a editing date, followed by a completion date.. follow the progress through our 'client editing' section.

Do I have To Provide The Videographers With a Meal?
No - We do not insist that as part of the contract you need to feed the videographers.
Of course if you wish to, they are always very grateful...
We do appreciate if you do feed us and of course we appreciate the extra costs involved, so if you are feeding us.. we have a special thank you package for you!
(two extra copies of your wedding film, one standard dvd plus an extra blu-ray copy)

How  Safe Is The Footage,  Memory Cards Can Fail.. Can't They?
Yes memory cards fail on a regular basis..tapes break, hard-drives corrupt.. and so on!

We worry about the exact same things.. but we also guarantee the product!
As professionals we look at every possibility of what can go wrong and limit the exposure..
We use professional cameras that record on two seperate memory cards as backup..
One copy gets stored on a computer with a drive back-up in a different location and the other is kept in a fire safe until your film is completed.
All our equipment is checked the day before your wedding and we bring backup equipment with us.
Our equipment is serviced and we replace all our cameras on a regular basis..
We film with a minimum of two cameras, normally three.
Why do we do all that?
Because you have trusted us with one of the most important days of your life
and we know how important your wedding day memories are ..