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Media Images Videography are part of the South Lanarkshire Business Communtity , we strive as a company to help others within the local community, throughout Scotland and wider afield.  As a company we do not offer financial contibutions however we do support charities and local groups including use of  our services, training programmes, technical support, fundraising and competitions.

Helping Others 

Weddings can be wonderful, beautiful, happy occasions..
but often the road there is very difficult and expensive.. a wedding planned for years in advance can suddenly require to be brought forward due to illness or similar!
Suppliers Can Disappear - Go Burst - Or Deliberatly Steal Money

Whilst we may not have the resourses to help in every situation, whenever we are able to help we will.... Whether Through Discounts, Technical Contributions  or Free Gratis

I would like to thank my staff who not only support our ideals but actively help and offer their free time to help others, without their co-operation and generosity we would be unable to provide as much benefits as we now do... thanks!

If you know someone that may help from our 'Help Others' programme please email us with as much information as possible..

Charity & Community

Worthwhile Charitable Causes and Events

If you are supporting or organising a charitable event and we can be of any assistance please email us and discuss your needs. The charitable cause should be non profit making.
*We Also Support Local Groups with Community Projects*

We can offer a variety of assistance including technical support, filming, editing ,
disc supply and duplication, live event streaming, small and large screen displays,
sound systems, live production with camera support , equipment supply.

In addition we organise competitions to raise funds for local and national charities and in certain circumstances local groups and individual persons.